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"A great class! Friendly and relaxing. I love that we are shown different levels for each exercise, so I can create my own fitness programme adapted to my age and ability- wonderful!"   Margery

"I injured my back several years ago and was recommended Pilates by the physio. Pilates has strengthened my core muscles, helps with flexibility and allows me to continue with my gardening job. Laura has great skill/observation to adjust your body subtly to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly."    Sandra

"A good comprehensive workout with alternatives for all levels of fitness and ability, conducted in a friendly and fun atmosphere."   Peter

"Laura is a very clear, knowledgeable and supportive teacher. She cares about the people in her classes and they can approach her with any physical problems and she offers very helpful solutions."    Pat

"Laura demonstrates each exercise at several different levels which means you can go easy or challenge yourself. I have found that attending Laura's Pilate's class regularly has helped my back problem a great deal"   Kathy

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